Why Does My Hair Get Greasy So Fast: Reasons And Remedies

Scalp and hair issues are genuinely basic these days, because of contamination, stress, synthetic medicines and our way of life. Accordingly, hair fall, diminishing and an overactive slick scalp are some truly unavoidable issues that the greater part of us have to confront.

A sleek scalp thus can prompt awkward tingling, dandruff and thousand different issues. Not simply this, it can likewise make your scalp inclined to diseases and hair fall also. Also, with winter practically around the bend, it’s essential to take legitimate consideration of your scalp—or you’ll land with considerably more hair issues.

Reasons for slick scalp


In the event that somebody in your close family appears to have an unreasonably sleek scalp, at that point are odds of you having it also.


Reasons for slick scalp
Reasons for slick scalp

Stress has a solid connection with a slick scalp. This is on the grounds that pressure makes your sebaceous organ go in overdrive and produce more oil.

Lack of individual cleanliness

On the off chance that you abstain from washing your hair oftentimes for significant stretches of time, rest on grimy a bedsheet and cushion covers, utilize unwashed hair instruments, at that point they could all be contributing elements for a slick scalp.

Hormonal vacillations

On the off chance that you are managing hormonal issues and sporadic periods, at that point that could be another motivation behind why you have an exorbitantly slick scalp.

Scalp diseases

Having scalp diseases such a lice, parasite or bacterial invasion are on the whole makes that lead a sleek scalp.

Scalp diseases
Scalp diseases

Unhealthy eating routine

Devouring an eating regimen which comprises of unfortunate, sleek and zesty food, which by and large needs healthy benefit doesn’t convey the fundamental supplements to your hair, which causes slick scalp and other hair-related issues.

Thinking about a sleek scalp can now and again end up being somewhat lumbering. The most evident response to dispose of a slick scalp is to wash your hair each and every day, except that is truly not useful for the wellbeing of your hair. So what’s a young lady to do? Indeed, don’t stress, we have you secured. Peruse on to discover a few hints to deal with a slick scalp without settling on or drying out hair.

How to dispose of a slick scalp?

#1 Wash your hair threefold per week

Washing your hair is the key advance to dispose of a slick scalp. Your pores discharge oil from your organs and make your scalp oily and slick. Consistently washing your hair with a reasonable item will keep your scalp from extreme oil develop and keep your hair sound.

Flush your hair 2-3 times each week. On the off chance that you turn out to be a ton, you can wash your hair each substitute day. Guarantee that you utilize synthetic free shampoos for washing your hair.

Wash your hair threefold per week
Wash your hair threefold per week

#2 Shampoo appropriately

Shampooing your hair, yet in addition how you do it assumes a significant part in keeping up a without oil scalp. Ensure you weaken the item with water, foam it up and afterward delicately knead it onto your scalp.

Flush your hair well so there is no item left in your hair or on your scalp. Abstain from utilizing heated water as it does nothing but bad for your scalp.

#3 Conditioner on scalp is a major no-no

It doesn’t make a difference whether you have a sleek or a dry scalp, applying conditioner on your scalp is a severe no. It makes your scalp oily, advances hair fall and bacterial development. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have any significant bearing conditioner by any stretch of the imagination.

Apply it just to the tips of your braids and work your direction upwards. Stop precisely 2 inches from the scalp.

#4 Watch what you eat

Watch what you eat

Your eating regimen assumes a significant part in keeping up your scalp’s wellbeing. Slick and singed food must be evaded in the event that you are experiencing a sleek scalp. Supplant soaked fats with a fair eating routine sound fats and carbs. Take a stab at incorporating Omega-3 in your eating regimen as it advances the wellbeing of your scalp and lessens the oil emission. You can generally go for green vegetables and organic products as they are common hair enhancements and keep your scalp solid.

#5 Stay away from heat apparatuses

We comprehend your affection for your hair straightener and the twisting wand, however have you ever considered the harm it does to your hair. On the off chance that you have a slick scalp, heat devices are your most noticeably terrible adversaries. They make your scalp oily, hair powerless and harm your braids in the more extended run. On the off chance that you actually need to style your hair, take a stab at going for no-heat styling techniques and spare your hair from the unexpected harm.

#6 Apple Cider Vinegar to the salvage

Apple Cider Vinegar to the salvage
Apple Cider Vinegar to the salvage

Customary discharge of oil from the organs of your scalp can advance contagious contamination on your scalp. What’s more, when the disease becomes wild, it can make your scalp get sleek, bothered and even reason dandruff. The most ideal approach to battle contagious contaminations is to flush your mane with Apple Cider Vinegar. Indeed!

At the point when weakened in the perfect sum, flushing your hair with apple juice vinegar can eliminate oil development on your scalp, keeping up the pH, and diminish the frizz. You should simply blend 2-3 tbsp of ACV with 2 cups of water and apply it on your scalp. Next, flush your hair with cold water. Apply this in any event a few times each week.

#7 Clean your brushes consistently

Clean your brushes consistently, women. Utilizing brushes for a sleek scalp can collect a ton of microbes and soil on your brushes. What’s more, clearly, in the event that you don’t spotless them, the microorganisms will become further. Utilizing grimy and messy brushes to brush your hair won’t just induce an undesirable scalp yet additionally make your scalp all the more sleek. Make it a propensity to wash every one of your brushes with a mellow cleanser once at regular intervals. Likewise, change your brushes like clockwork for best cleanliness practice.

#8 Try an egg yolk hair veil

Try an egg yolk hair veil
Try an egg yolk hair veil

Egg yolks are pressed with high sulfur substance and protein that work like enchantment for a sleek scalp. This, yet it can help fortify your hair while furnishing it with a milder, silkier appearance. Yolk keeps up the pH parity of your scalp and diminishes the oil emission as well, without making your hair dry.

Make yourself a hair cover with 1 egg yolk, 1 tsp coconut oil and barely any drops of lemon. Apply this equitably on your scalp and let it sit for good 20-25 minutes. Next, wash altogether with cold water. Do it at any rate once per week for greatest outcomes.

#9 Use tea tree fundamental oil

Utilizing tea tree basic oil is an astounding home solution for oversee the issue of an unnecessarily sleek scalp. This is on the grounds that tea tree oil is an extraordinary wellspring of germ-free properties, that help to keep your scalp solid and clean by forestalling parasitic and bacterial development. On the off chance that you are scalp is solid consistently, at that point your oil creation will consequently go down a lot.

To utilize tea tree oil to battle slick scalp, blend a couple of drops of the basic oil with any transporter oil such olive, almond, jojoba or coconut and back rub it everywhere on your scalp for around five to seven minutes. Rehash this at any rate two times per week to get results.

#10 Try new lemon juice

Try new lemon juice
Try new lemon juice

That lemon is an amazing home solution for treat various hair and scalp issues is no new information, yet did you realize that it is additionally a brilliant home solution for dispose of a sleek scalp right away? This is on the grounds that lemon is normally acidic in nature and helps keep sleekness under control. It likewise assists with getting forestall and wipe out dandruff.

To utilize lemon juice for slick scalp, include around two tablespoons of newly pressed lemon juice to some water and wash your hair and scalp with it. Back rub the scalp with this blend and permit it to rest for several minutes before washing it off regular.

#11 Baking pop, for the success!

The mind boggling peeling properties of heating soft drink make it a brilliant home solution for dispose of an unnecessarily sleek scalp. Utilizing heating soft drink serves to altogether kill profound set earth, grime, slickness and different contaminations, all of which stop up pores, increment sebum creation and lead to hindered hair development.

So as to utilize preparing soft drink for a sleek scalp, you should simply make a glue by blending some heating pop and water until it shapes a hair veil consistency and apply it to your scalp. Wash it off following 15 minutes to uncover delicate, oil free and reasonable hair.